Native New Yorker Vincent Poag started his career as a singer/songwriter before attending college. However, it would be decades before he released his debut album Circling Back. That first full-length reached #5 on the FMQB/ACQB chart, alongside artists like One Republic, Kelly Clarkson, Adele, and Coldplay.



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The New York City-based singer/songwriter lets his characters wander, walking literary halls in the storyline as the music swaps stage sets…



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Let’s say a scientist were to be able to clone and merge people into a new human being. And let’s say that said scientist were to do such a thing with Tom Waits with a bit of Boby Dylan, Tom Petty, and Leonard Cohen sprinkled in with good measure and pop it in the oven, out would pop Vincent Poag.



Vincent Poag’s new disc has a lot of variety

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Take a blender. Load it up with Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Tom Waits, Dave Cousins, Leonard Cohen, and Kim Carnes (I kid you not). Hit frappe. That was running through my mind as I listened to Vincent Poag.



CD Review: Vincent Poag - Heroes And Demons

Blinded By Sound

For his third album, Heroes And Demons, singer-songwriter Vincent Poag continues where he left off on 2014's excellent For The Girls. Not one to be tied to any particular style, Poag mixes pop with touches of rock, blues, jazz and county to great effect. Poag's gritty voice at times recalls Mark Knopfler or Tom Waits, but is never derivative. The weariness of his vocals give his lyrics, which often find him ruminating about everyday life, an everyman feel and give weight to the tracks.



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Vincent Poag makes an immediate impression with the wistful “Beautiful Day,” the carefree album opener on Heroes and Demons, his third outing to date, and further proof that he’s mastered the art of easy accessibility. Poag’s unassuming vocals belie the gravitas of the album’s title, suggesting a casual cross between Randy Newman, TomWaits and Bob Dylan.



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Vincent Poag was born in the '50s, but didn't release his first album until 2011, when he dedicated himself to music. With a storytelling style in the vein of Randy Newman, he got some attention on YouTube and on radio stations with an eclectic bent.



Summertime Heats Up Via New Releases

Rock 'n' Roll Truth

Vincent Poag uses his rich baritone to deliver original material that taps into his observations inspired by both a look inward as well as studies directed outward toward the big world around him. On his newly-issued third album Heroes and Demons, there is a straightforward lyrical approach enhanced by creative songwriting in the tradition of American favorites including Randy Newman, Bob Dylan and John Prine.



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