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  • "Music this catchy and smart is a throwback that actually moves music forward."

    - Jazz Weekly

  • "Make a point to get to know this guy. You definitely won't regret it."

    - Pittsburgh In Tune

  • “The New York City-based singer/songwriter lets his characters wander, walking literary halls in the storyline as the music swaps stage sets…”

    - The Alternate Root

  • “If Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan didn’t “happen” until this millennia, they would’ve been Vincent Poag.”

    - Boomerocity.com

  • “Singer/songwriter Vincent Poag’s new album For The Girls is one of the best albums I've heard in the past decade! It is an album built, sculptured and created for all music lovers, all around the world…Poag shows how easy it is to construct the perfect album.”

    - Exclusive Magazine

  • ““This Christmas" is so strong that it should be the theme song of a blockbuster Christmas movie this year - and if it had been written by Randy Newman it would probably be in line for an Academy Award.”

    - Examiner.com

New Album


Singer/songwriter VINCENT POAG’s 3rd album Heroes and Demons is now available on iTunes. Heroes And Demons finds Poag continuing his tradition of exploring the human condition via his unique brand of storytelling. In the vein of his first two albums Circling Back (2011) and For The Girls (2014), Poag draws inspiration from everyday occurrences and thought-provoking subjects, spinning his observations into stories and poetic studies. His distinct vocals – a mix of grit, gravitas, humor, and honesty – have been compared to Randy Newman, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, and Leonard Cohen, but remain totally his own. More ›