NEWS: VINCENT POAG Wishes You A Happy Holiday... From Times Square!

ToddStar Photography, December 8, 2014

New York singer-songwriter Vincent Poag is spreading the message of hope and good will in New York’s Times Square. His “THIS XMAS” billboard is now live throughout the holiday season.


Vincent Poag For The Girls Review

Music Street Journal, August 14, 2014

Folk music is the general concept here. Within that category, though, there is quite a bit of range. And, this does move outside the “folk” box at times, too. This is an entertaining album with a fairly wide appeal.


Singer-Songwriter Vincent Poag Releases Sophomore Album, For the Girls

The Morton Report, July 5, 2014

"...the album is a tuneful excursion into folksy Americana that lives up to Poag's ambitions."


Listen to a Song Written Entirely About Scarlett Johansson

METROLYRICS, June 18th, 2014

Saying Vincent Poag is a Scarlett Johansson fan might not be doing him justice. The folk singer-songwriter just released his new song "Scarlett & Me," and it's all about an imaginary day spent with the Hollywood starlet after a chance encounter in the streets of New York. The story begins with Vincent walking down Fifth Ave. and bumping right into Scarlett, who just happened to be looking down at her phone texting. (SMH, Scar-Jo.)


'For the Girls' Vincent Poag

Exclusive Magazine, May 2014

Singer/songwriter Vincent Poag’s new album For The Girls is one of the best albums I've heard in the past decade! It is an album built, sculptured and created for all music lovers, all around the world.


Daily Discovery: Vincent Poag, “For the Girls"

American Songwriter, May 5, 2014

TURN-ONS: Family, friends, good food, music, movies, tennis, golf, the streets of NY and of course girls.


Vincent Poag: For The Girls

Jazz Weekly, May 5, 2014

Decades ago singer/songwriters like Vincent Poag were as ubiquitous as Foto Mats (how’s THAT for dating yourself?) but in this day of specialization, are now as rare as camera film. He’s got a voice and style that gives hints of a folksy Billy Joel, John Renbourn, Leo Sayer and even a dash of early Cat Stevens here in music that touches on American folk, blues, jazz and the Crescent City.


Vintage Vibes and New Noisiness

Sun Herald, May 1, 2014

The playful acoustic-based wanderings and pointed lyrics on this female-centered platter make the finished songs fun to listen to.


Vincent Poag: For The Girls

Indie News Now, 2014

Music is at its true core when you go out of your way to make a date with it. When I mean make a date, I am stating you will go lengths to surround yourself in its true atmosphere. As if you are about to have a romantic date at home with you significant other. Our latest find has done just that.


Poag's "For The Girls" Is An Album For the People

Phil's Picks, April 30, 2014

The sheer musical and lyrical depth of the album’s thirteen total songs one of the most extensive albums released so far this year. Poag doesn’t stick to just one style of song from one track to the next on this record. Every track is different from the one before. And this should come as no surprise considering Poag’s influences. Those influences range from names such as Bob Dylan and The Beatles to even George Gershwin, Cole Porter, and Rogers and Hammerstein.


CD Review – Vincent Poag: For The Girls

TMR Zoo, April 26, 2014

The music on For the Girls touches upon a wide array of genres. It’s an appealing something different offering a change of pace for traditional playlists looking for a little fun to shake things up.


Vincent Poag's new CD FOR THE GIRLS - Fun Stuff!

Wellesley Patch, April 25, 2014

While Lou Reed was “Waiting for the Man” Poag responds with a dark, cascading “Waiting for Me” that could easily slip into an Evening of Kurt Weill.


NYC-based singer/songwriter Vincent Poag shines bright on sophomore platter ‘For the Girls’

Pittsburgh In Tune, April 18, 2014

Opener “45 Miles an Hour Girl” is the perfect lid-lifter, and Poag soars high on the title track, “Waiting for Me,” “Only Love,” “My Wings,” “Scarlett & Me” and “New Orleans.” Make a point to get to know this guy. You definitely won’t regret it.


The Joe Vig Top 40

Joe Vig Top 40, April 13, 2014

The music on For the Girls touches upon a wide array of genres. It’s an appealing something different offering a change of pace for traditional playlists looking for a little fun to shake things up.


CD Review: Vincent Poag: For The Girls: Singer/songwriter returns with a strong second album.

Blinded By Sound, April 9, 2014

Singer/songwriter Vincent Poag has been compared to Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler – lofty praise to be sure -- and while his music and voice bear similarities to both, especially the latter, he's different enough that he has forged his own unique path.


Exclusive Song Premier: Vincent Poag, "Scarlett and Me"

Artist Direct, March 28, 2014

Start your Friday off with Vincent Poag and ARTISTdirect, as we've teamed up and are premiering his song "Scarlett and Me" from For the Girls, out April 8.

"I wrote this song in a lighthearted complimentary spirit with the hope of cracking a smile -- hope you do," Poag told us about the song.

And yes, it is about that pouty-lipped siren that we know and love—Scarlett Johansson.


Vincent Poag Releases New Album

For The Girls Available For Purchase on iTunes Now

Singer/songwriter VINCENT POAG has released his sophomore album For the Girls, officially available on iTunes now. The album reflects Poag's untethered artistic soul, traversing pop, jazz, country, balladry, world-music, and poetry. He creates a diverse tapestry of moods and styles on For the Girls, from love songs like "45 Mile An Hour Girl" and "Scarlett and Me," to the sad lullaby of "Waiting for Me." The album - fully produced and written by Vincent Poag - is the follow-up album to 2011's Circling Back.


Vincent Poag - Circling Back (2011)

Something Else, August 8, 2012

He sings something like Bob Dylan, plays guitar something like Mark Knopfler, but doesn’t fall into easy mimicry of either. Credit a long journey to get here, as Vincent Poag took some time away from his dream of becoming a singer-songwriter for the straight life and starting a family.


Vincent Poag Circling Back

Music Street Journal, October 2011

This is an interesting album that never gets repetitive or boring. Poag changes it up enough from song to song to make it work every time…This [Confidence Thrill] is a dramatic and powerful tune. The arrangement includes some strings to add to the power and emotion of the cut… It’s [Stress] kind of like Bob Dylan singing with Buffett’s band.


Album Review: Vincent Poag, Circling Back, September 21, 2011

"This Christmas" is so strong that it should be the theme song of a blockbuster Christmas movie this year - and if it had been written by Randy Newman it would probably be in line for an Academy Award… It may be Poag's first album, but Circling Back makes a strong case for the notion that maybe it should be mandatory for all musicians to go out and experience another slice of life before coming back to observe it in song. It's a strong, self-assured debut that displays an enormous grasp of the craft and history of songwriting that is well outside the range of most singer/songwriters, equally informed by rock, folk, jazz, standards and maybe even a bit of country. Poag is a musical Everyman, inhabiting each song and imbuing each one with just enough of a different slant to keep the album fresh, but with enough of a producer's sense to tie all of the songs together in one consistent collection.


Vincent Poag - Circling Back (2011)

All About Jazz, August 9, 2011

“I'll Be Seeing You Soon," this album's most overt rocker, seems to find Poag spent from the effort, as he laments the “bullsh-t flyin' everywhere."… Just when Poag threatens to get too far down one of existence's dimly lit alleys, he'll pause for a boozy celebration of life like “Little One," aware as always of the dangers—but certain, even now it seems, that things can work out: “Persevere with a dream," Poag sings, “for a dream to come through." This album is as good a proof as any that they do just that.


Vincent Poag, Circling Back

Jazz Weekly, August 2011

I thought this kind of stuff when out with the 8 track-a singer songwriter! Vincent Poag has a voice that’s sort of a mix between early Bob Dylan and Jim Croce; gravelly and smoky, but musical enough to keep your attention. He’s also got a gift with the pen that mixes the sardonic humor of a Randy Newman with the vulnerability of a Cat Stevens.


Vincent Poag: Circling Back his thoughts and dreams a debut collection of songs

Hollywood Today, July 19, 2011

Poag’s musical strength lies in his ability to tell a story or describe a feeling that compels you to listen to his lyrics but it’s his melody that transports you and draws you in.


Vincent Poag Self-Releases Debut Album Circling Back – Out Now

New York, NY (July 19, 2011)

Singer/songwriter Vincent Poag has released his debut collection of songs,Circling Back (Danal Music). It’s an apt title as it hearkens back to this native New Yorker’s days as an underground Atlanta singer/songwriter. Poag, in fact, has had many lives. John Lennon, one of his heroes, wrote that life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans. So it has been for Poag. Immersing his creative talents in the business world spending years carving out a highly successful career, his musical dreams lay dormant and his songs unheard. Until now.



For The Girls (2014)

Circling Back (2011)