Beautiful Day

New Album Heroes and Demons Available Now!


Singer/songwriter VINCENT POAG's 3rd album Heroes and Demons is now available on iTunes now. Heroes And Demons finds Poag continuing his tradition of exploring the human condition via his unique brand of storytelling. In the vein of his first two albums Circling Back (2011) and For The Girls (2014), Poag draws inspiration from everyday occurrences and thought-provoking subjects, spinning his observations into stories and poetic studies. His distinct vocals – a mix of grit, gravitas, humor, and honesty – have been compared to Randy Newman, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, and Leonard Cohen, but remain totally his own.

Unbound by genre, Vincent Poag’s versatile songwriting style and musical spirit float from song to song, rich in influences and styles. From the sing-along sunshine of “Beautiful Day,” (akin to Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy”) to the celtic lilt of “Piper Play,” to the New Orleans big brass of “One Step Ahead Of Gloom” and the Tom Petty-esque twang of “Young Again,” each song is wholly unique from one to the next.

Like a reflective discussion with a good friend, Vincent Poag’s relatable approach weaves narratives in an effortless and conversational tone. Heroes And Demons continues his journey as an “everyman” troubadour.

For The Girls (2014)

Circling Back (2011)