She’s a 45 mile an hour girl I’m a 75 mile an hour guy She’s carefully balanced not to stumble or fall I’ve tried to catch the world on a fly She’s that delicate blend of lover and friend With a class that’s as far as it’s wide She’s a 45 mile an hour girl And together we’re off for a drive

    She’s a 45 mile an hour girl I’m a 75 mile an hour guy She likes her safety ambiance and curls Measure of risk splash of action shot of rye Everything that I do you can bet she too is willing to give it a try She’s a 45 mile an hour girl And together we’re off for a drive

    She doesn’t gossip au contraire Quite demure mi amore What she sees in me is obscure Always late worth the wait to endure What takes place in her closet I’m not sure

    Sleepless always awake Humor modesty grace And a sparkle in each of her eyes She’s a 45 mile an hour girl With a heart as big as shanghai

    Hotel full of friends Waiting list can’t get in No more rooms until someone’s demise She’s a 45 mile an hour girl And together we’re off for a drive And together we’ll drive sixty five


    Ancestors came over the seas Leaving their homes to dare the unknown escape tyranny For the new world they heard was the land of opportunity Home for the brave, home of the free

    America The heart of thee Flows with the blood of decency To give the people wings Let bells of freedom ring

    Forefathers fought for our rights to be Democracy equality A system and laws for a changing world with a blood-stained history with justice for humanity

    America how I love thee The virtues of your majesty Your conscience toward morality That is the face I see The hope for you and me

    America I dream of thee To live in peace with dignity Work hard raise my family So they will be born free


    Up the mountain ho With an arrow and bow Through the rain and snow Treachery from below On the sea we row In a boat with holes As the tide flows And the ocean rolls

    When it's not enough Can’t depend on luck Can’t be giving up Things that means so much A better life behold Bells of freedom toll As the tide flows And the ocean rolls

    Shine us down a ray Are we worthy We are only Help us find the way To a better day, hey

    With a staff and goat Blind faith called hope Make the desert grow With a rake and hoe Guided by the poems Guided by the scrolls As the tide flows And the ocean rolls

    We've come a long way We aren't holy We are only Steer us should we stray To a better day, hey

    All the shattered dreams Scattered on the road Every spirit lost Every heart alone Another peaceful soul A newborn cry explodes

    As the tide flows And the wind blows And the ocean rolls


    Spanish guitars strummed as passion filled the air My heart skipping beats as she danced around me While she stared Colorful clothes flowed in sync with her curls of black hair By the end of the night I would follow this girl anywhere

    Barcelona Barcelona A few days emblazoned in my memory Barcelona Barcelona Such a rare lady indeed

    Mornings past noon wrapped with her in my room Lost in her reverie We walked every street, ate her tapas As she preached Catalonia’s history Falling in love with her people Her places, her beguiling beauty Her buildings alive with nature The creative genius of Gaudi

    I was stripped of defenses Naked humbly brought me to my knees I was infatuated, dominated and teased Convinced when I left that a woman could never be pleased We said our goodbyes but I knew I would never leave

    Barcelona Barcelona My attraction to you is what’s lured mankind to the sea Barcelona Barcelona Ohh to be young, to be brave, to be free


    What a beautiful day With the sun shining bright Cotton clouds sky of blue And a star-spangled night You in my arms Everything going right Gonna hold on to this With all my might

    What a beautiful day Not a care in sight Just a cool gentle breeze And it's feeling so nice With the one that I love On a picnic in paradise Just one of those nights Where the stars are aligned

    Holding your hand like lucky dice Lucky to be in love Lucky to be alive

    Just a beautiful day With you by my side Holding you close High on your eyes You have got me Completely mesmerized You’re all that I need And we still have all night

    Somehow I knew, had to be you in my life Never looked back Never thought twice

    One of those days Every once in a while Everything going your way Seeing clearly for miles and miles Looking out at the world Through the eyes of a child One of those days Where you just have to smile

    Bird Whistling

    Hollywood for the beaming Clouds full of stores Digitally reading Shopping to your door Songs for the streaming Compositions scores Always there for your listening Like a bird on a branch whistling

    Magic of the music Mystifies the mind Melody to move you Rhythm set to rhyme Shining every day Twinkling in the night Like a star out there glistening Like a bird on a branch whistling

    Something’s never age Artists transcending time Feel their solitude Hear their pantomime

    Friend who’s always near you Trusted by your side Tear and cheer and disappear you Serenade you all the while Don’t want nothing from you Except to make you smile

    Like an old fiddler fiddlin’ Like a bird on a branch whistlin’


    Can’t catch me, can’t catch me


    When experience leaves you nothing but scars Attempts at escape find you exits with bars The twisted tongue peddler shines like a star Beckoning you to ride in his car Don’t let him in as he passes descending the hill Or as sure as the taxes you pay you’ll surrender your will To the confidence thrill

    There is no release every prisoner submits To the strength of the chains no first aid kit Can help you here you cannot quit Cannot move and cannot sit Gathering dust as you wait for another refill While your only friend makes you feel like a sidewalk until The next confidence thrill

    The young too innocent and bold The old too tired of chasing goals Like programmed diggers of a hole Who once would never harm a soul When it’s ninety five in the shade and they’re feeling a chill Will trade in their mothers like stamps When they can’t pay the bill For the confidence thrill

    What reasons bind the likes of this What truth is there to any myth Why does death become a fear Only when it strikes you near As I hold up the bar and point for another refill And mumble there ain’t nothing wrong with having a thrill Except when confidence kills

    Cradle Moon

    Starlit sky Sure could use a lullaby Cradle moon Just sitting there Rest me in That rocking chair

    Will your grace bestow leniency? Got a room for a sinner like me

    When you’re alone With only you To listen to You know what’s true No matter who or where or what you’ve got A lonely home is blue Routines and repetition The allure of something new I know that there will never be another

    No ones gonna love you like I do No ones gonna love me up like you Never own your true love Lease you must renew Lives inside your heart your whole life through

    Cradle moon Hear my plea Yearning boy Bended knee Cradle moon Just lounging there Don’t seem fair Not a care

    I’ve been as good as I can be Mourners’ prayer Mercy me


    Daisy Sweet little lady You’re driving me crazy My heart’s black and blue

    Daisy I once was inspired But now I'm too tired From thinking ‘bout you

    Maybe I should be on my way What can I say That's nothing new My life’s turned into disarray I'm just helplessly Stuck on you

    Maybe I should call it a day What can I say What can I do Could be uncertainties here to stay But I know it's up to you

    Daisy The future is hazy Come whatever may baby I do Daisy I do Daisy I do, do, do, do, do Daisy I do


    It’s alright if you don’t like me though I’d rather be your friend It’s alright for you to disagree and you’re right to defend But if you’re droppin’ fishing lines because you want me caught You can eat my shorts

    It’s alright for you to speak your mind someday I may side with you You’re entitled to your opinion that’s your point of view But if you’re throwing darts at me because you like the sport You can eat my shorts

    What you’re missing I don’t have it did you check the lost and found If you have to talk behind my back make sure I can’t trace your sound But if you choose to slander me ruling of the court You can eat my shorts

    How can you prey on the innocent and then pray to the Lord Every day has its dog and every dog it’s reward When the dream you’re chasing doesn’t turn out like you thought You can eat my shorts

    Two guys sitting by the sea one contented one man bored The nylon rope you think you’re hanging on might be a cotton cord So if you’re nice to me when your pants don’t fit no more You can have my shorts


    Well it’s off to school as soon as you can stand Memorize the history of the land That great big world outside will take you for a ride The news reports and papers are all fine But you better read between the lines Or else they’ll put a fence around your mind

    Magnetic movies lure you to the screen You play the roles of heroes you have seen And then you start to doubt just what it’s all about Maybe you’ve been sipping too much wine They’ve strung you up so fast you must unwind Or else they’ll put a fence around your mind

    Now everybody's screaming what to do The business hand is reaching out for you And no one seems to care just what you’ve got in there And all along you thought you’d gotten through You’d better move instead of wasting time Or else they’ll put a fence around your mind

    Well its fifty-fifty short or long Make your move left or right, right or wrong But listen with your eyes and talk with your ears Take it all in leaving nothing behind Then disregard half of what you find And hop over that fence around your mind


    From the time it all began Not a chance for poor Adam Mystery favorite toy Achilles heel of every boy Break the hearts Break the law Go to jail, go to hell, give up God, country, crown, go to war Different page same old story Watch ‘em rise watch ‘em fall What the boy will do for the girl

    Something spark the young man’s nerves Just a sucker for the curves Where he’s born how he’s bred Mind no longer in his head Make them notice Different look repertoire Politics play a sport theatre dance learn guitar be a star Algebra he can figure But the wiggle and the curl What the boy will do for the girl

    Shake your head Side to side Why you looking at me with these eyes

    Then the boy becomes a man By now he should understand Consequences what’s at stake Does he learn from his mistakes Leave his family leave his job make new friends Lose his home money life move away start again Every minute every day All around the whole wide world What the boy will do for the girls

    Shake your head My oh my There for a goodness grace go I

    She’s a maze of emotion He likes playing with a ball What the boy will do What the boy will do What the boy will do For the girls


    She comes like morning And stays the night time As sure as tomorrow I know she’ll be there

    And I’ve been Meaning to tell her My feelings in number But cannot confine them to rhyme

    She’s wonderful as far as forever

    And when the sidewalks are burnin’ I won’t be sufferin’ Cause she’s like cold water Runnin down my throat

    And when the frost is in season I won’t be freezin’ Cause she’ll be found surrounding me Just like a winter coat

    She’s wonderful as far as forever

    And I’ve been Meaning to tell her My feelings in number But cannot confine them to rhyme She’s wonderful as far as forever


    Introduced slow with the word no Each swing and miss Lingering kiss Hanging round dreams Frays in the seams Living life in between You ou ou ou ou

    Heartbreak, oh oh heartbreak On you I can depend Heartbreak heartbreak, here we are again

    Wisdom we’ve earned from our mistakes People and things so many fake Falling in love feelings at stake There to forsake ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

    Hardships we face day after day Loved ones get hurt taken away Rain’s coming down whatever you do or say Can’t waste the rainbows

    Heartbreak, oh oh heartbreak No sooner do I mend Seems like you just had me out to lend

    And I no longer am afraid And I know there is no escape And now when I feel your ache I've come to embrace you

    Heartbreak, oh heartbreak You’re my oldest friend Looks like we'll be together till the end

    It's the big game And only one of us can win But my heart’s never ever giving in

    Here Here Beer!

    Let’s have us a beer And Drink to good cheer Raise up a glass All make a toast To those we hold dear A clink to good health And all being here For many more years Here here Here here Here here beer

    Here here beer Here here beer Here here here here Here here beer

    A Stomp of the foot A Slap of the heel. Smack hands to the beat Let your body and feet Move to what you feel Just let it all go Nothing to conceal And Let the music heal Here here Here here Here here beer

    Here here beer Here here beer Here here here here Here here beer

    Ziggi ziggi Zi zoe zi Zoe zi Zoe zeh Ziggi ziggi Zi Zoe zi Zoe Hi ho hey

    Let’s Dance and let’s sing To life’s beautiful things


    That was me The churning yearning one Searching relentlessly For my identity

    There you were ister believe in me Loving me patiently Pure generosity

    Now you're hurtin’ Barely floatin’ And it feels like the ocean’s pullin’ down Wheel hand over hand We’re gonna turn this boat around Let me steer Baby, here I am

    That was me Miss Insecurity Wrestling internally With my deficiencies

    There you were Like a big oak tree Planted right next to me As you let me be

    I’ve been looking for me everywhere When I've been here all along Never tested these two legs before Didn't know they were this strong Here I stand Baby, here I am

    You have always done the giving Now it's you who needs a hand Got your pockets full of sympathy Pride lost in the sand You’re my man so it's clear I'm right here Here I am

    How Lucky Am I

    Walking around  Appreciating my eyes Could have been crippled Could have been blind I’m tracing the line  Where the sea meets the sky And I’m thinking  How lucky I am How lucky am I

    The music is soothing  Like waves on the sand No place to be but where I am Fortunate to live in this free land  And I’m thinking  How lucky am I  How lucky I am

    Been cut many times  Wearing the scars  Ones that I love in the backyard  Faces who’ve loved me I recall Life’s been pretty kind All in all

    Look to the east  Then to the west Reflecting south Not too many regrets  Certainly been blessed Guardian angels I guess Sun’s painting the sky as it sets

    No such thing as deserve So I’m wondering why  And I’m thinking  How lucky I am How lucky am I

    In the Jungle

    Danger in the jungle Lions, jaguars, quicksand, snakes Lethal insects buzzing, creeping Alligators, piranhas in the rivers, lakes

    Heighten your antennas to be ready for attack Care about your future Better watch your back

    Bible of the jungle Says the strong shall rule the weak Tyrants flexing muscles Bowels moving when they speak

    Natives can’t be trusted When they feel the heat Everyone gets hungry Every creature has to eat

    Sounds of the jungle Screeching, howling, discontent Kings and queens in their castles Hard at work playing real life chess

    Find a cave for shelter Capture you a mate Ain’t no hiding places Ain’t no place that’s safe

    Ruptures from the Earth Anger from the skies Never know what’s coming No one makes it out alive

    Amusements to distract your mind from filling up with doubt Easy to get lost in the jungle Look around, look up, look down, look out


    My face is lookin’ mighty pale Devils tugging at my tale Sara she is crazy as a loon And I got a funny feeling Lord I’ll be seeing you soon

    It’s just an educated guess smoking more drinking yes Young people burstin’ like balloons And I've got a funny feeling Lord I’ll be seeing you soon

    Crying babies everywhere Bottled water poison air Buzzards circling our commune I just got a funny feeling I’ll be seein’ you soon

    Too many shepherds too many sheep Too many hungry can’t afford to do nothing but sleep Winds swirling over sand dunes Got a funny feelin’ I’ll be seein’ you soon

    Bullshit flyin’ everywhere Hand on the good book with a swear Standin’ room in the saloon I just got this funny feeling

    Schemes to bring us all relief Skies threatening darkness creaks Wolves howling at the moon And I've got a funny feeling Lord I’ll be seeing you soon

    La La

    Sky’s are cloudy these days We’ll find our way We’ll be ok La la

    Rains always end Sun’ll come up again Freedoms just round the bend La la

    Through all kinds of weather Alone altogether Stuck with ourselves La la la la la

    Hold calm, behold the sight Of nature’s beauty, nature’s might Time alone is here to stay And life’s but a gay cabaret

    Heroes risking their lives for us My oh my Angels from high La la Those who turn their lights on When hope’s almost gone Keeping us going La la

    The world’s greatest minds For the good of mankind All of the time

    Sweet dreams tonight Tomorrow things will be alright Change is born when we’re afraid And life’s but a masquerade

    Sisters and brothers Fathers and mothers Caring for each other


    I am the lawless lady hear my tale before you go My sins my occupation it’s the only life I know My home’s around the corner you needn’t have a line And man you’ve got a need for me Baby so you have some time

    I am today as I have been through centuries before A captivating dancer a temporary cure Desire is the culprit passion is the crime I am a friend to every man Baby do you have some time

    The hardened men who owned my flesh Remain untouched unknown While I was sent to trial and on an island thrown And I remembered clearly though the judge showed not a sign When he had asked so graciously Baby do you have some time

    And so my silent customers I am temptation’s lure Relieve your inhibitions reduce your temperature No hear no speak the bold the weak discretely sneak away I am the lady desirée baby what do you say


    If you’re lookin’ for a lover More than just a friend I’ll listen to your secrets I’ll hold you by the hand But first there’s something you must do You gotta let me in

    If you’re feelin’ lost and lonely Need good company Someone who’ll take you seriously Honey you can count on me But first there’s something you must do You gotta let me in

    If you’re needin’ inspiration You don’t have to compromise There isn’t anything that I won’t do There isn’t anything that I won’t try

    I’m as flexible as rubber I can knock you out like rye I can be as sweet as chocolate I’ll make you laugh I’ll make you cry But first there’s something you must do You gotta let me in


    Little one barely able to stand on the ground Careless and reckless the world’s your playground They’ll come a time when my words will resound Up or down, these arms wrap around

    Little one I’ll embrace every inch that you grow We’ll swim in the summer and ride on the snow And if you’re not sure of the way as you go Turn to me, I’ll pretend that I know

    There’s so much you will learn from the things you recall No valley’s too wide, no fence that’s too tall There’s no question too many and answers from all Nobody's too big to stumble

    There are sounds on the rise you won’t hear ‘til you fall We’ve all learned to walk but we’ve all had to crawl Just rely on your patience when time seems to stall Nobody’s too big, nobody’s too small

    Little one it’s your song sing it out sing it true Persevere with a dream for a dream to come through Sing with all of your heart that’s all I ask of you Everyone everywhere was little once too

    Make Believe

    This isn’t someone else’s life Who was I trying to deceive? Don’t get to do the moments twice Don’t have to pack your bags to leave I was just sliding on the ice Body fully grown Clinging to its infancy Se la vie Living in a dream No one gets to stay a child This isn’t make believe

    I couldn’t listen to advice Followed my impulsivities Crying inside from the crimes of stolen flesh, soul robbery Ears hear what they choose to hear Eyes see what they want to see In an imaginary world Truth disappears magically If you just make believe

    Yesterday is done Today has just begun Can’t let what’s past dictate who you will become

    There’s a voice inside of me Doesn’t sleep, let me be Parts of me I don’t like Play your cards it’s just life Haunting past can’t be changed Like the wiring of my brain We’re all stained Blue blood in our veins Now I’m owning it myself Not blaming anybody else for my choices And calling it fate We all wake up with ourselves in the beds we make


    Momma did I tell you You are my favorite girl Momma did I tell you There’s no one like you in all of the world

    I know you have always held me so close to your heart I know I will always be the same baby I was at the start

    We take things for granted when we lose them it’s too late You can change your lover But you’ll never have another Momma

    Words too many words unspoken Words we don’t get around to We don’t get around to say

    Momma did I thank you for being gentle and kind Did I ever thank you for being thoughtful, loving and mine

    We take things for granted when we lose them It’s too late You can change your lover But you’ll never have another Momma

    Words so many words unspoken words We don’t get around to We don’t get around to say Momma, Momma

    Motherless Daughter

    Well there's a rumor of a lady With a shape men stop to admire She doesn’t have a care Follows her desires I’d stay away from her If you know what's good for ya

    Her golden hairs The flame at the top of the fire She plays an innocent game But she’s a liar Look away from her If you know what’s good for ya

    She's after laughter Don't believe in the hereafter

    She breaks the rules Shaves her legs with water She’s learned everything all the men taught her Stay away from The motherless daughter


    I’m just an easy going kind of a guy I never hurt nobody at least I don’t try But that gal she plays foul Makes me growl Like a mountain lion

    I don’t shiver from the cold in the night But I quiver whenever we fight Cause that gal the way she schemes Can make me mean As a mountain lion

    She gets to me without tryin’ Can’t explain Mystifying

    There ain’t nobody can steal me away She makes me happy although I must say She’s got the power in her den To turn me into a mountain lion


    If you take my hand I will comfort you Through this troubled world We will go as two I’ll brave you through each storm Keep you safe and warm Cause the winds are fierce But my wings are strong

    By man’s chains I’m bound You won’t see me break When the raptors prey When the heavens take To shield you from harm I’d forsake it all But the sky’s so big and my wings so small

    We will build our home out of love that’s true You take care of me I’ll look after you

    As this body beats you are its heart Sure as love’s a saint sure as life is hard from the depths of hell to the height of sky ‘Til the sun stays down and the tides don’t rise

    Passion fades like fire Few words are for sure It’s you I admire Always will adore

    Of this flesh and blood You are the heart Sure as life is breath Sure as love is art From the depths of hell to the height of sky ‘Til my time runs out and my wings can't fly


    Right in the mouth of the Mississippi In the Gulf of Mexico Port to the middle of the country Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota Neither the heat, the rain, mosquito Small pox, yellow fever, super natural extremes Could ever stop the music from playing in New Orleans

    1803 Louisiana purchased by Jefferson from Napoleon Worldwide trading flourished tobacco, sugar, the cotton gin Labyrinth of deltas bayous levees party Fifteen feet below the river Mardi Gras what a scene Nothing stops the music from playing in New Orleans

    Out of the womb of pirates and gamblers explorers of opportunity Population booming city of wine cuisine song southern hospitality

    The big easy Cajun Creole the brass bands the marching bands New Orleans jazz Dixieland Ragtime Sidney Bechet, Buddy Bolden, Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton and Fats Domino

    Easy to be noble When you’re sunning in the breeze Find out who’s got what When you’re desperate and they’re squeezing

    Twice the fires burned its buildings But they could not claim its soul That mighty river’s great big heart Has no pity for its city prisoner on parole You can drown the homes not the spirits You can wash away the hopes and dreams Katrina But you can't stop the music from playing You can't stop You just can't stop the music from playing In New Orleans


    Once upon a time when I thought nature unkind I was blessed with a love that was mine It came like a brand new dawn This embrace that made me strong Like I’d suddenly been reborn with a glow That was once upon a time Once upon a time long ago

    Skies were different shades of blue But our love was brave and new And our family it grew into three Weathering everything that came Life between the drops of rain Never having to explain why it was so That was once upon a time Once upon a time long ago

    Was it changing with the times Or a simple change of mind That could turn a love so warm into snow Isn’t love supposed to grow Can it quickly come and go Now there’s nothing left to say but I know It was once upon a time Once upon a time long ago


    I've masqueraded as Roger Federer, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Davey Crocket, Robin Hood I've been Spartacus, George Cohen, Barbara Streisand,
    Meryl Streep
    So many teasing romantic fantasies left stranded in my sleep Recurring nightmares running, racing Demons chasing certain doom Ageless lovers all together cackling Flying round on brooms Startled sweating when I wake up in the safety of my room Another narrow escape from dreamland One step ahead of gloom

    That was close Turning over a new leaf Exercise every day Cut down on the food I like pizza, chocolate, cabernet Staying positive, optimistic Busy keeps the blues at bay No time to think about myself Hard at work and play

    No reading papers Watching news Don't want to see who's blown away Can't ask nobody how they’re doing Act like the world’s ok Scale down disappointment Vowing never to assume Running like a rabbit One step ahead of gloom

    Went to a psychic Warrantied to read my signs

    Told me my future was only a matter of time

    Just a clean-shaven pirate Trying not to get marooned Or end up in debtor’s prison By outliving my doubloons Planning for the winter Help some others get their wings Paying more attention to all the little things When the reaper comes to get me I'll be workin’ on a tune Lining up a ball Carving down a slope Swinging for the moon Last night I was facing Moby Dick with a rope and a harpoon And I could swear he was winking at me Just trying to keep my sense of humor In this real life cartoon Dancing to the 12 step One step ahead of gloom


    The sky's majestic sun’s nourishing wonder Nights sparkling diamonds lightning thunder The universe’s origination The miracle of life creation

    Summer, fall, winter spring Every blessed breathing thing But only love is magic

    A salmon’s journey birds on a wire Babies, families, rain, wind, fire The ocean’s mysteries, dreams, rivers, mountains Nature’s marvels keep on counting xploration the next sensation The shapes of women innovation But only love is magic

    Flowers blooming to the crooning of birds and bees Listen for your rhythmic melody

    A mother’s instincts, a child’s eyes Art that can’t be categorized Food that grows and sights to see indness, human decency All around us naturally came to this old world for free But only love is magic

    Some elusive stranger appears like a rhapsody You will too believe in sorcery

    Sunshine shining hearts a’ aching Anticipation, infatuation Insides grinning, transformation New beginning, reincarnation Consideration, giving, taking Inspiration, aggravation Only love is magic

    Hearts a’ thumping Sun’s a’ blazing Prance like dancing, change amazing Mind is racing Brave, courageous Pulse vibrating, the vibe contagious Dedication, cohabitation Decorations, procreation Only love is magic


    T’was a time of injustice In the days of yore Inequality, famine, cruelty Persecution, prejudice, war Came a minstrel poet The likes of none before Words that spoke right to you Voice like iron ore

    Critics air waves and convention laughed with scorn Creativity was inspired which would never have been born As the children were learning right from wrong (danced and sang along) And the world would be changed by song

    Strum your tunes Phrase your poems A new way Ever young as they were yesterday May you shine like the sun May you stay Piper rhyme Piper sing Piper play

    Not a preacher Not a prophet Not politically aligned Not a follower or pleaser Not inclined to be defined Tireless mystical troubadour So much older than his time Sorcerer of melody and line

    And your head was always moving as they tried to place a crown Might have even crucified you if they could have nailed you down

    For the helpless, homeless, hungry, deaf and blind All those punished for someone else's crime For morality’s cursed duel with humankind For somehow For some way For someday Piper rhyme Piper sing Piper play


    One day I’m walking down Fifth Avenue Humming a song, enjoying the view Someone texting nearly bowls me down Packages strewn all around I helped her pick them up, it started pouring luck We ran for shelter and suddenly There was Scarlett and me

    Thought I was dreaming she smiled innocently Offering her apology Since opportunity often knocks just once I told her she could buy me lunch There simply hasn’t been a girl with charms like Marilyn’s Sensitive sensuality Then there was Scarlett and me

    And in a quaint café we talked as music played She beguiled my heart away And time stood still

    Our thoughts flowed seamlessly I kid her teasingly The laughs came easily Fragile femininity

    Fireworks much to my surprise When we caught each other’s eyes he story’s ending you will have to guess Imagination man’s best friend

    She’ll go down in history I composed this melody Where we will live forever happily Scarlett and me


    Seagull soaring gently through the sky Think it’s time for you to say goodbye Your shadow darkens the water As you hunt your food from high You’re thinkin’ with your heart Helpless to decide Seagull spread your big white wings and glide

    Seagull how gracefully you fly Winter’s here now and you must abide Go up where the winds are much stronger Stretch your wings out wide Up there your senses will guide you Just catch a breeze and ride Seagull spread your big white wings and glide

    Seagull soaring gently through the sky Easier to be smart than to be wise Nothing stays new only old Feelings grow or die Go where the weather will hold you Sometimes you just survive

    Seagull spread your big white wings Seagull spread your big white wings And seagull take me with you when you glide


    The year was 1938 The hour was Kristallnacht A young Englishman with ski trip plans
    instead went off to Prague
    Atrocities to refugees Confiscated wealth Two weeks was all he had But he had to see it for himself

    He saw the fragile elderly whose faith was undeterred The vital lines of justice become so clearly blurred Desperation on young parents whose prayers were futile words The faces of innocent children never to be seen or heard

    The systematic extinction about to unfold I’ll never understand The condemned waited for miracles while the world put its head in the sand He found a hole in the master’s plan Ordinary person Two eyes, two ears, two hands

    He organized a kinder transport with a few who would risk their lives Money was raised Adoptions arranged Visas real and falsified A rescue operation for the children to survive Mothers and the fathers waved their last goodbyes

    For six months they came Boat, plane and train From Czechoslovakia to Great Britain The gestapo stopped the final train with 250 on all gone Safe in the homes of strangers were 669

    The land is ruled by lions Light a flame for the law of the lamb If it's not impossible Nicky believed you can Ordinary person Two eyes, two ears, two hands

    Fifty years had passed before it was learned What this humble hero did His wife found a personal scrapbook with the secret he kept hid Nicky's children celebrated his birthday when he reached one hundred and five 6,500 candles burning his gift was all their lives

    Peace is not impossible Every child a chance Hope lives with the legacy The story of a man Ordinary person Two eyes, two ears, two hands

    Son of a Hardware Man

    Worked my way through schooling, classes such a bore Got my real education in our family’s hardware store Studying my uncles; Artie, Harvey, Stan Learning about life through the eyes of a hardware man

    Can I help you sir May I help you mam? Helping people solve their problems Son of a hardware man

    Following his footsteps, daddy's little boy Tools, bolts, nails, screws Workbench full of toys Restore your own home Everything you need Plumbing, fence, electrical, fertilizer, seed

    Everybody fixing things with their own two hands Handyman's heaven Son of a hardware man

    And the retail words of wisdom that were drilled into my mind Little did I know they would stand the test of time

    Never lose your cool ‘cause the customer’s always right Leave ‘em laughing, leave ‘em happy Spread the news of their delight Never do you fight, cause there's only one way to win "Take the money sonny," bring them back again

    Something isn’t working, take it all apart Before you replace it Try to find the broken part Put it back together It’s a brand new start Mend your leaking faucet Heal your hurting heart

    Something that’s intangible, mechanics understand Not by choice, just born the Son of a hardware man

    All you "Mr. Fix It’s" wherever you may be Different way of looking, different way to see No such thing as can’t find a way, you can Love a good old puzzle Son of a hardware man


    Well we wake up in the morning And we go to work each day Putting out the fires is how we earn our pay Saving for security time for us to play Something come and take it all away

    Monday is stress, Tuesday is stress, Wednesday is stress Thursday is stress, Friday is stress, Saturday is stress Then Sunday my one day of rest, stress

    Everybody's rushing trying to win the human race Problems they don’t go away only get replaced All these years, experience one thing that I know Maybe here today and then you go

    Well the children they don’t listen and the women they can cry And they’re recording everything a man don’t get a buy I look in the mirror and I slap around my face There ain’t enough Prozac in this place


    You’ve got to give it a chance Susan You can’t hide from inside You can’t rationalize sometimes You’ve got to follow your heart

    You’re holding sand in your hand Susan Reaching for smoke on the rise Instead of second prize Maybe you ought to follow your heart

    When you asked me to leave I was surprised I searched your face but could not find your eyes Did you mean go or was it please stay It’s hard to fight when you lose either way

    Oh Susan

    It’s just a question of time The answer’s not in your mind And it’s so easy to find If you follow your heart

    People will love people will cry There’s always someone left asking why He found you first and so you stay On top of an iceberg melting away Oh Susan

    It’s just a question of time The answer’s not in your mind And it’s so easy to find If you follow your heart

    Yes you could even be blind Susan and follow your heart


    This Christmas let’s forget our troubles In tribute let us all be humble And in a song let our voices blend For Christmas let’s be friends

    Let’s make a world at peace our business In giving let us try forgiveness And on the eve let us make amends For Christmas let’s be friends

    Make believe we’re a family Spreading love under heavens tree

    This season let’s forget our differences And take the time to think what Christmas is And for a gift may I recommend For Christmas let’s be friends


    Born on this sphere in this one road town What's keeping me is keeping me down Time is the only routine seems to change Same day, different name Watching birds flying caged like a lion Bound by the birth place glues Ain't nothing new to look forward to Too much of nothin’ to do

    Nobody knows where the time goes I got here in the blink of an eye Make my escape or suffocate Hearing the clock ticking bye Awnry from restlessness Hungry from emptiness No place to get a tattoo Fine is the line between livin’ and dying Too much of nothin’ to do

    Rules ancient cold chiseled in stone Wrongs that cannot be atoned Customs, traditions Everyone's different I've got some dreams of my own

    I’m bucking this fate I’m tired and it's late And there's always another excuse From the home where I've grown To a world unknown Gonna make my debut Easy way through Never will do One heart that will not lie to you Too much bad news Nothing to lose Too much of nothin’ to do

    Somebody new Somebody who I can tell my secrets to Someone out there Someplace, somewhere Dreams have a chance to come true

    This ship is too small I've memorized it all And there’s no place for no one to hide Can't trust the mind Fully reclined Everything's magnified Not a cloud in the sky Sun always shines But I'm bored and I'm brown and I'm blue Too many praying Not enough rain Too much of nothin’ to do


    Strange how we give shelter to the images we weave Reality a question of the things that we believe Boundaries readjusted by the lines that are deceived And I thought the world was waiting for me

    Ordinary playing cards in costumes queens and kings Everybody knows a joker can be anything Promise spun with brilliant yarns In a dreamlike tapestry And I thought the world was waiting for me

    Sailing on the ocean like a ship no sight of shore Reaching out for less than I have thrown away before Can’t go back or on unless you want a little more And I’ve got someone waiting for me


    You’re danged if you do And you’re danged if you don’t You can’t say you will When you’re not sure you won’t And if you don’t watch out You’re gonna live alone What's the matter with you

    You can’t take advice Cause you’re stubborn proud You’re alright alone But you’re terrible in crowds You don’t mean harm but you talk too loud What's the matter with you

    Always runnin’ up and walkin’ down Growin’ out of your shoes Close your eyes with one foot on the ground See what happens to you

    You can’t be found when you are no place Doctor says you’re a hopeless case Half your life’s been spent in space What’s the matter with you

    Always scurryin’ there’s no need for worryin’ When you’re in the know puttin’ on your show Your times passin’ slow everybody's askin’ where did it all go

    Love life looks like a stock car race Relationships all about the chase Even dogs smell before they taste What's the matter with you


    I was alive once Laughed at the time once Now I count seconds go by

    Angel of pleasure Easy together Clever me hurt him so

    Now I wonder what he’s doing Wonder if he’s missing me Like I’m missing him now

    gos too strong Words last too long Nobody's wrong

    Traces in faces Familiar places Searching for him everywhere

    Now I wonder if he's crying I feel like I’m dying Wonder what he’s doing now

    Pictures and memories Proof of what used to be Days and nights tauntingly Thoughts of him haunting me Wonder if he sees me now

    Oh the stains of regret Will they let me forget That was his scent in the air

    One day I’ll see him Before I free him Wonder if he sees me now


    Stuck in my ways Self-conscious spry Light bulbs out I walk right by Clothes scattered ’round Sink piled high Can't tell a lie Guilty am I

    You select wine I order beer I peruse the food You atmosphere You’re over there I'm over here Worried are you I haven't a care

    How to explain This anomaly Psychology, biology Have to thank God personally You love me

    You like to shop I shop to buy We travel well Except in the sky Socially at ease Miss butterfly Awkwardly shy No alibi

    You’re all dressed up I am austere You have some moods I've come to fear Chatting all day Few things say Listening until it hurts to hear

    For every he There is a she For every I There is a we Grateful am I eternally That you love me

    I drink my coffee You sip your tea You read magazines I watch tv How in this world It came to be You love me How tenderly You love me


    Once I was invincible Had to learn things hard Damn the consequences Casual disregard Strapped in destiny's parachute Fate upon the wind Oh to be young again Oh to be young again

    Wallet full of promise Head full of ideals Champion of the underdog Feelings unconcealed Heavy hearted lover Bullet for a friend Oh to be young again Oh to be young again

    Mirror on the wall Don't you talk to me Bones might have some aches and pains My heart’s twenty-three

    Renter of the mornings Owner of the night Passioned vigilante Freedom, peace and human rights Joined in youth’s fraternity Until the membership suspends Oh to be young again Oh to be young again

    Mirror I still see Who I used to be Through your tired reflections There's transparency

    Faking sick Sleeping late Find a good old tree to climb Grab my raft, my sword, my shield Sailing back in time To the age of innocence when I could pretend Oh to be young again Oh to be young again

    I don't think about it often Only now and then Oh to be young again Oh oh oh oh oh oh young again